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  • Take a glimpse at Ethno Denmark 2013

    We´ve gathered a few photos from this years Ethno Denmark, full of music rehearsals in the days, kitchen jams at night, dance sessions, outings, concerts, sunshine and laughter. Click on “Cool stuff” and “Pictures” at the top of the page. For those who went to Ethno Denmark, we hope they will bring back good memories. [...]

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  • THANK YOU for a wonderful Ethno Denmark 2013!

    This years Ethno Denmark was from the 2nd of July to the 9th of July and was a big success. When the next Ethno Denmark will be held is not decided upon yet, but stay tuned here or at our facebook (Ethno Denmark); dates will be up in the fall 2013. Thank you to the [...]

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Photo Galleries

  • Ethno Denmark 2013

    Glimpses from Ethno Denmark 2013. All photos (with only a few exceptions) are taken by Rune Øster Mortensen, our fantastic volunteer photographer and kitchen crew member.    

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