Ethnofonik 2013

From 6th to 17th February 2013, the “ALORS ON LE FAIT” NGO (Saclay, France) has organized an international training course : “ETHNOFONIK – about traditional music pedagogy for transmission”, thanks to the EU program Grundtvig funding and the “Ethno” international network.

20 musicians from 10 European countries participated in this international training course on the transmission of European traditional music. Each participant has taught the others pieces of traditional music of his/her country by ear (oral transmission) with the aim of keeping the European musical heritage alive. By turn, each participant has been teacher, student and artistic leader, sharing their traditions, experimenting particular type of pedagogical approaches offered by the international instructors team but also sharing their competences and insights with others, to create a common ground for the exchange around traditional music, ensured by a constant reflection and evaluation of the activities.

2 concerts, in Evry Conservatoire and Villebon-sur-Yvette Youth Cultural Center, were the visible tip of the iceberg of 10 days of music and intercultural sharings.

Mr Allan Skrobe – Sweden / Croatia


Miss Myriam De Bonte – Belgium
Mr Simon Laffineur – Belgium
Miss Gloria Lindeman – Croatia
Miss Zeljka Goricki – Croatia
Mr Constantinos Kakoushias – Cyprus
Mr Giorgos Stylianou – Cyprus
Miss Elisabeth Dichmann – Denmark
Miss Liv Vester Larsen – Denmark
Mr Søren Røgen – Denmark
Miss Luisa Brown – United Kingdom
Miss Kaire Kartau – Estonia
Miss Säde Tatar – Estonia
Mr Bajo Kohring – Germany
Miss Kathryn Doehner – Germany
Miss Anna Breivik – Norway
Mr Havard Enstad – Norway
Mr Axel Fagerberg – Sweden
Mr Gabbi Dluzewski – Sweden
Miss Mathilde Huyghe – France
Mr Olivier Maignan – France


AOLF developps its projects through the assistance provided by: La Région Ile de France, le Conseil Général de l’Essonne, the European Commission, DDCS91, DRJSCS75, Massy city, Jeunesses Musicales International and Rezonne.