THANK YOU for a wonderful Ethno Denmark 2013!

This years Ethno Denmark was from the 2nd of July to the 9th of July and was a big success. When the next Ethno Denmark will be held is not decided upon yet, but stay tuned here or at our facebook (Ethno Denmark); dates will be up in the fall 2013.

Thank you to the hardworking, energetic and just wonderful participants from Belgium, China, Denmark, England, India, Palestine, Scotland, Sweden, USA and Uganda, the fantastic artistic leader-dream-team with Nicolaj Wamberg (Denmark), Masie Greenwood (England) and Nenad Kovačić (Croatia). The music was truly fantastic, crossing both music genres and country borders! Everywhere we went the audience were amazed with the skills of the participants and very grateful for the unique chance to experience so many of the worlds music cultures. A huge thank you to the amazing kitchen crew and chef Tina (we will miss you and your cooking so much!), to the volunteers and to our sound engineer Jesper Vinter Petersen who made excellent sound for the final concert.

Our events this year:

  • Parade through Roskilde town and dance-afternoon at Roskilde library : Friday the 5th
  • Concert at Den Rytmiske Højskole in Vig : Sunday the 7th
  • Final concert at Trekronerskolen, Spejlsalen, Trekroner, Roskilde : Monday the 9th

The final concert was recorded by Kanal Roskilde, and the first part can be seen here :